We provide edge bands that enhance the aesthetics and safety of furniture and make them last for longer time.

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We provide edge bands that enhance the aesthetics and safety of furniture and make them last for longer time.
Winext Polytech Private Limited was started by experts who have rich technical expertise in the industry. The company began its operations in 2019 with proper planning and clarity of thought. By putting in hard work and successfully meeting market demands, we have established ourselves among the top manufacturers of edge bands in India. We offer edge bands in various shades, textures, patterns, and finishes to match the surface laminates. Our products, including Laminate Edge Bands, Fabric Shade Edge Bands, French Oak Dark Wooden Shades Edge Bands, etc. are available in ready-to-use precut sizes and continuous running lengths that make them extensively used in furniture manufacturing.

We count on the intelligence, extensive experience, and expertise of our experts to carry out the processes as per global standards. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that further enhances our confidence and helps us deliver high quality edge bands that meet market requirements.

With our modern processes and strict quality control measures, right from the time of raw-material procurement to final product dispatch, we stand ahead of other manufacturers in the domain. We have maintained a sound lab and R&D department that help us regularly deliver new and improved products.

We uninterruptedly fulfill the requirements of customers because of our extensive distribution network and methodical inventory planning. With our low TAT (Turn Around Time) for order delivery, we support businesses by reducing the burden of keeping inventory and thereby saving on inventory related costs. With these initiatives, we prove ourselves to be a reliable partner to customers.

Our Vision

Edgebanding enhances the life of furniture. It offers a cleaner, more finished look and makes furniture safer to use. With the use of this product, furniture manufacturers experience a reduction in the wastage of wood and contribute to saving nature. We have a vision to move forward in this edge band manufacturing business and attain growth by saving nature.

Our Mission

We operate with the mission to provide our edge bands, including Fabric Shade Edge Bands, Laminate Edge Bands, and French Oak Dark Wooden Shades Edge Bands, to maximum number of furniture manufacturers, improve the quality of their furniture, and reduce their manufacturing time.

Why Us?

If you are still unsure of choosing us for your edge band needs, here are some more qualities to clear your dilemma:

  • We offer more than 500 varieties of products.
  • We have fulfilled the requirements of more than 500 clients.
  • We have 1 Million + metres per month of production capacity.
  • We are backed by a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.
  • We provide customised solutions to meet specific requirements.
  • We ensure that we deliver edge bands of very high quality.
  • We ensure a low TAT (turnaround time from order to delivery).

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